Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Retailers may be waking up to the difference between Shoppers & Consumers?

Someone is warming up to the SHOPPERS while keeping the CONSUMER equity... ITS NEVER TOO LATE! Interesting article in the WSJ this morning - Teen Stores Cater to the Ones With Money

Retailers Keep Parents in Mind

  • Wide aisles so that parents with strollers can easily navigate the store
  • Longer display tables with items folded neatly and stacked in size order to facilitate browsing
  • Wholesome imaging behind the counter to project a family-friendly brand
  • Bright lighting so that parents can easily see the merchandise (also, not pictures, but a moderate level of music, which is lowered around back-to-school times when the company knows it will have more parents in the stores)
  • More cash registers in the middle of the store to help parents make purchases faster
One thing to remember, Moms and Dads are the ones that pay for the shopping and they DESERVE the respect, they need to be PLEASED as much as the consumer!